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Daniel Jan Andries Booyens
1790- Circa 1863

Maria Geertruida Catharina Janse van Rensburg

Daniel Jan Andries Booyens

Heila Elizabetha Oosthuyzen

Andries Jan Daniel Booyens

Born 19 July 1860 1
Baptised 2 September 1860, Smithfield, Orange Free State 2


Andries Jan Daniel is born in the Smithfield District. His first marriage is at Smithfield to Clasina Wilhelmina Jansen from the Burgersdorp district. They have a single child, Andries Jan Daniel, during whose birth Klasina dies. Andries marries again soon after to Christina Sophia Jansen, younger sister of his first wife. Before March 1897, the family moves to the Parys area of the Free State Republic.

During the Anglo Boer War, the family is interned in the Vredefort Road Concentration Camp, where son Jacobus Ockert dies of diarrhoea in one of the miserable bell tents at the age of two years.

Andries is captured on 1 December 1900 at Parys as part of the Kromellenboog Commando (Southern Free State) at which time his address is given as Parys in the heilbron District. He is eventually placed in the Vrederfort Road Concentration Camp on 22 April 1901.

Christina ultimately gives Andries seven children of whom three die young, including two boys named Jacobus Ockert; the name of Andries' maternal grandfather. When she dies in 1908, Andries marries Johanna Barendina Wiese. This was a childless marriage.

One peculiarity of this family genealogy, is that two of the witnesses at the baptism of daughter Heyla Elizabeth bear the exact names and surnames of the baby's grandparents, who are both deceased by that time, namely "Andries Daniel Booyens" and "Heila Elizabeth Oosthuizen". As yet, we have no explanation.

Married (1) 2 February 1892 at Smithfield 3

Clasina Wilhelmina Jansen Circa 1870-1892

Andries Jan Daniel
1892 -

Married (2) 5 June 1893 at Smithfield, Orange Free State Republic 7

Christina Sophia Jansen Circa 1872-1908

Willem Jacobus
1893 -

Christina Sophia

Andries Jan Daniel

Jacobus Ockert
1900 -

Heyla Elizabeth

Anna Cecilia
1905 -

Jacobus Ockert
Born and died

Married (3) 3 August 1909 at Parys, District Vredefort 27

Johanna Barendina Wiese

Children of Andries Jan Daniel Booyens and Clasina Wilhelmina Jansen

Andries Jan Daniel Booyens 1892-1897
Born 3 November 1892, Smithfield District 4
Baptised 11 December 1892, Smithfield 5
Died 12 March 1897, Parys, OFS Republic 6

Notes: This young man dies young. His name, that of his father and Booyens grandfather, is used again on 6 February 1898 for a later child from another marriage.

Children of Andries Jan Daniel Booyens and Christina Sophia Jansen

Willem Jacobus Booyens 1893-1976
Born 24 August 1893, Smithfield, OFS Republic 8
Baptised 5 March 1896, Parys, District Vredefort 9
Died 17 March 1976, Boksburg, Transvaal

 x Married
Magdalena Johanna van der Westhuizen 1903-1977
Born 28 November 1903, Zoutpansdrif, Bloemhof, Transvaal 10
Died 19 December 1977, Boksburg, Transvaal 11

Christina Sophia Booyens Born 1895
Born 12 June 1895 12
Baptised 1 March 1896, Parys, District Vredefort 13

 x Married 12 November 1917 Durban
Richard Martin Gascain Deaville Page

Andries Jan Daniel Booyens Born 1897
Born 12 November 1897 14
Baptised 6 February 1898, Parys, District Vredefort 15

Jacobus Ockert Booyens 1900-1902
Born 12 March 1900 16
Baptised 24 April 1900, Parys, District Vredefort 17
Died 18 January 1902, Vredefort Road Concentration camp 18

Heyla Elizabeth Booyens Born 1903
Born 15 November 1903 19
Baptised 27 March 1904, Parys, District Vredefort 20

Notes: When this young lady is baptised in Parys on 27 March 1904, the winesses somehow have the absolutely identical names and family names to her father's parents. Either this is a mistaken entry, or somehow by plan or the most extreme of serendipity an identically named cousin of the father and an identically named niece or cousin of the father's mother are the witnesses.

 x Married
Pieter du Plessis

Anna Cecilia Booyens 1905-1909
Born 1 December 1905 21
Baptised 4 March 1906, Parys, District Vredefort 22
Died 3 June 1909, Parys, District Vredefort 23

Jacobus Ockert Booyens Born and died 1908
Born 12 January 1908 24
Baptised 1 March 1908, Parys, District Vredefort 25
Died 29 September 1908, Parys, District Vredefort 26

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