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Pieter Johannes Booyens
Died 1832

Susanna Human
Died 1820

Matthys Johannes Booyens

Sara Susanna Snyman

Johannes Hendrik Booyens

Ostrich farmer, Venterskloof, Klaarstroom (July 1909) 1
Born 19 May 1855 2
Baptised 4 June 1855, Oudtshoorn, Cape Colony 3
Died 30 May 1937, Chalk Farm, Frankfort, OFS 4


Johannes Hendrik is an interesting man. As the second last child of his parents, he marries Sophia Booyens, only daughter of his father's younger half-brother, Peter Johannes Ernst. When Sophia's father dies in 1897, her mother, "Miem" Stander, marries another Booyens, distantly related to her first husband Peter. Miem's second husband, late in her life, is Barend Matthys Booyens, a cousin of Johannes Hendrik's father. No doubt it is the bond of mother and daughter that leads to the two men, Johannes Hendrik Booyens and Barend Matthys Booyens jointly buying the farm Venterskloof, immediately outisde the little hamlet of Klaarstroom, located in a mountain valley immediately behind the Great Swartberg mountains. The mountain peaks above the town regularly get snow in winter and the area has considerable water, but at the time of the death of one of his daughters in 1909, Johannes Hendrik is instead described in the death notice as an Ostrich Farmer.

In 1920 he and Sophia move with their remaining children to the Eastern Free State. While their whereabouts are difficult to ascertain for the first half of that decade, children Petrus and Susanna are confirmed in the Ficksburg Dutch Reformed parish in 1925 and 1928 resepctively.

Johannes dies on 30 May 1937 on Chalk Farm, two months after the marriage of his daughter.

By 1939-1944 period, the family is on the farm Hestersdeel in the Eastern Free State district of Cornelia, because the two sons have that address at the time of marriage.

Sophia passes away in the Free State in 1941.

Married 14 March 1893 at Oudtshoorn 5

Sophia Aletta Fredrika Jacoba Booyens1874-1941

Maria Susanna Jacoba
1904 -

Matthys Johannes
1906 -

Petrus Johannes
1907 -

Susanna Susara

Children of Johannes Hendrik Booyens and Sophia Aletta Fredrika Jacoba Booyens

Maria Susanna Jacoba Booyens 1904-1909
Born 8 June 1904, Prince Albert 6
Baptised 24 July 1904, Prince Albert 7
Died 13 July 1909, Venterskloof, Klaarstroom 8

Matthys Johannes Booyens 1906-1999
Farmer, Hestersdeel Farm, District Frankfort (1942) 9
Born 16 February 1906, Prince Albert 10
Baptised 28 March 1906, Prince Albert 11
Died 21 July 1999, Parys 12

Notes: When Mathys Johannes marries Cornelia Bester, widow of Coenraad Josephus Strydom and resident of the farm Geluksdeel in district of Frankfort, he is identified as a farmer from Hestersdeel in the same district [#1].
#1. Estate documents of Cornelia Gertruida Bester Free State Archives: 1265/82 : LINK

 x Married 25 August 1942 Cornelia 13
Cornelia Gertruida Bester 1904-1982
of the farm Geluksdeel in the Cornelia district 14
Born 4 April 1904, Harrismith 15
Died 18 June 1982, Frankfort 16

Petrus Johannes Booyens 1907-1984
Born 27 October 1907 17
Baptised 17 November 1907, Prince Albert 18
Died 3 April 1984, Warmbad 19

Notes: The 17-year old Pieter Johannes is confirmed in Ficksburg on 15 September 1925 [#1]. Tracking him through the same book, he leaves that parish for Cornelia on 8 December 1939. He marries Magdalena Olivier on 17 October 1944. On 21 October 1951 he moves to Greylingstad and eventually to Kempton Park in the Transvaal on 2 December 1959.

#1. Membership Books of the Dutch Reformed Parish of Ficksburg (OFS): Page 28, entry 1001 - LINK

 x Married 17 October 1944  20
Magdalena Gertruida Olivier 1922-2005
Born 3 June 1922 21
Died 10 August 2005, Hectorspruit 22

Susanna Susara Booyens Born 1910
Born 9 April 1910 23
Baptised 29 May 1910, Prince Albert 24

Notes: Like her brother Pieter Johannes before her, she is confirmed in Ficksburg as an 18-year old on 12 October 1928 [#1] and her name entered into the books of the parish the following day. Her name is given as Susara Susanna, reversed from the baptism names. The same books show her leaving the parish for the parish of Paul Roux on 3 December 1940.

#1. Membership Books of the Dutch Reformed Parish of Ficksburg (OFS): page 40, entry 156 LINK

 x Married 23 March 1937 Frankfort 25
Christiaan Rudolf Roets Born Circa 1906
Born Circa 1906 26

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