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Daniel Jan Andries Booyens
1790- Circa 1863

Maria Geertruida Catharina Janse van Rensburg

Barend Mathys Booyens

Anna Elizabeth du Plessis
Circa 1842-1921

Daniel Jan Andries Booyens

of Boesmansbank, district Dewetsdorp
Born 22 December 1861
Baptised 14 March 1862, Potchefstroom Hervormde Kerk
Died 14 January 1952
Buried Boksburg


Daniel and his wife Aletta Thomson are associated with the farm Boesmansrand in the Dewetsdorp district. However, they disappear from the baptism books of that Dutch reformed Churcg parish after the baptism of their daughter Elizabeth Jacomina in April 1866

Married Circa 1883

Aletta Elizabeth Francina Thomson1865-1962

Barend Mathys
1883 -

Elizabeth Jacomina Catharina Johanna

Willem Charles
c1887 -

Anna Elizabeth
b. c1889

Aletta Elizabeth Francina
1890 -

Hester Sophia

Dertina Johanna
b. c1895

Daniel Johannes Andries
1900 -

Susanna Catharina Sophia

Dorothea Maria

Children of Daniel Jan Andries Booyens and Aletta Elizabeth Francina Thomson

Barend Mathys Booyens 1883-1954
Born 24 December 1883
Baptised 20 January 1884, Dewetsdorp
Died 8 October 1954
Buried Springs, Geduld

 x Married
Hendrika Petronella Wilhelmina Strydom 1887-1948
Born 1 April 1887, Heidelberg
Died 3 June 1948, Springs
Buried Springs, Geduld

Elizabeth Jacomina Catharina Johanna Booyens Born 1885
Born 8 October 1885
Baptised 11 April 1886, Dewetsdorp

 x Married 11 September 1906 Heidelberg 1
Gerhardus Petrus Brits

Willem Charles Booyens Circa 1887-1956
Born Circa 1887
Died 16 June 1956, Troyville

 x Married Heidelberg
Magdalena Johanna Harmse

Anna Elizabeth Booyens Born Circa 1889
Born Circa 1889

Aletta Elizabeth Francina Booyens 1890-1976
Born 2 November 1890
Baptised 15 March 1891, Heidelberg
Died 1976

 x Married
Willem Johannes Cloete

Hester Sophia Booyens Born 1893
Born 12 July 1893
Baptised 19 November 1893, Heidelberg

Dertina Johanna Booyens Born Circa 1895
Born Circa 1895

Daniel Johannes Andries Booyens 1900-1901
Born 14 March 1900
Baptised 11 May 1900, Heidelberg, Transvaal
Died 10 February 1901

Susanna Catharina Sophia Booyens Born 1905
Born 24 July 1905
Baptised 22 October 1905, Heidelberg, Transvaal

Dorothea Maria Booyens Born 1907
Born 2 December 1907
Baptised 15 March 1908, Heidelberg, Transvaal

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The surnames in the Booyens family tree   |   The names of the people in the Booyens family   |   The sources from which the Booyens information is drawn  |  
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