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Mattheus Booyens
Died Circa 1816

Anna Gouws
Died 1843

Marthinus Gerhardus Booyens
Circa 1801-1870

Catharina Maria Janse van Rensburg
Born 1806

Matthys Marthinus Booyens

Born 14 March 1826, Albany District, Cape Colony 1
Baptised 29 October 1826, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa 2
Died 6 September 1887, Harrismith, Vrystaat 3


Matthys Marthinus is born on 14 March 1826 in Albany, the frontier district surrounding Grahamstown and recently settled by the 1820 British Settlers. Most interestingly, as a son of a 100% Dutch speaking Afrikaner father he is baptised in the Anglican Church of Grahamstown on 29 October 1926 [#1]. This will eventually become the St George's Cathedral. His father, Marthinus Gerhardus Booyens, is listed at the time as a "farmer". The surname of the family appears to be a challenge for the scribe, who immortalises it as "Boeyeng".


Zacharia Geertruida Rabie1842-1928

Anna Christina Cornelia

Catharina Maria
c1870 -

Hendrina Susanna
c1870 -

Marthina Maria
1874 -

Frederica Jacoba

Barendina Petronella

Matthys Marthinus
1883 -

Children of Matthys Marthinus Booyens and Zacharia Geertruida Rabie

Anna Christina Cornelia Booyens
 x Married
William Ward Died 1929
Died 1929

Catharina Maria Booyens Circa 1870-1946
Born Circa 1870
Died 1946

 x Married
Arthur James Gray Died 1931
Died 1931

Hendrina Susanna Booyens Circa 1870-1948
Born Circa 1870
Died 19 November 1948, Harrismith

 x Married
James Welch Circa 1848-1929
Born Circa 1848
Died 19 March 1929, Harrismith

Marthina Maria Booyens 1874-1939
Born 26 November 1874, Harrismith
Baptised 10 January 1875, Harrismith
Died 11 November 1939, Harrismith

 x Married
Edward George Cole Died 1932
Died 31 March 1932

Frederica Jacoba Booyens Born 1877
Born 7 September 1877
Baptised 14 October 1877, Harrismith

Barendina Petronella Booyens Born 1880
Born 28 June 1880, Harrismith
Baptised 5 September 1880, Harrismith

 x Married (1) 19 January 1902 Durban
Aldred Churchhill
Clerk, Durban (1902)

 x Married (2) 3 June 1924 Durban
James Matthews Born Circa 1876
Born Circa 1876, England

Matthys Marthinus Booyens 1883-1945
Worked on SA Railways - confirmed pensioner at death
Born 25 October 1883, Harrismith
Baptised 2 December 1883, Harrismith
Died 3 July 1945, Bethlehem, OFS

 x Married 19 November 1918 Harrismith
Hester Anna Siebert Circa 1892-1965
Born Circa 1892
Died 1965

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