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Mattheus Booyens
Died Circa 1816

Anna Gouws
Died 1843

Daniel Jan Andries Booyens
1790- Circa 1863

Maria Geertruida Catharina Janse van Rensburg

Jacobus Frederik Booyens

Born George, Cape
Baptised 23 November 1823, Graaff-Reinet 1
Died 18 August 1901, Heilbron Concentration Camp


When he is baptised on 23 November 1823 in Graaff-Reinet as the second son of Daniel Jan Andries Booyens and Maria Geertruida Catharina Janse van Rensburg, the baby Jacobus Frederik is destined to become almost the living embodiment of the Afrikaner nation up to the end of the century. His death notice will one day identify his place of birth as the "George District". This most likely refers to the Upper-Olifants River area where his father, his uncles, were born, as were his older cousins some ten years earlier. Unlike his older brother, he is baptised in Graaff-Reinet.

We have not yet been able to trace his actual marriage to Magdalena Petronella du Plessis, but what is clear, is that the couple baptises their earliest children in the southern Free State at Smithfield from the early 1850s and up to 1864. They then baptise a further son in Bloemfontein in 1867. After that, two more sons and a daughter are baptised elsewhere, yet to be determined.

We can follow the lives of their children through the books of the Free State Dutch Reformed Church.

Magdalena dies in 1878 on a Free State farm with the ubiquitous name of Klipfontein. Jacobus Frederik is either unique as a male human being, or he has had a gem of a wife in Magdalena, because, at the time of her death he is able to produce a careful list of the names of all twelve of their children, complete with the date of birth of each. There is admittedly a small error here and there, but this listing quality is unique in the entire collection of thousands of indivduals the present author has studied.

Married (1)

Magdalena Petronella du Plessis1829-1878

Anna Margaretha
1849 -

Maria Catharina Gertruida
1851 -

Magdalena Petronella
1853 -

Jacoba Frederika

Daniel Jan Andries
1857 -

Hesther Isabella

Jacobus Andreas
1861 -

Elisabetta Hendrina
1863 -

Petrus Jacobus
1866 -

Willem Jacobus
1869 -

Johanna Jacomina
1870 -

Benjamin Johannes

Married (2) 24 June 1878 at Potchefstroom 10

Aletta Elizabeth Otto Circa 1853-1901

Anna Jacoba
b. c1880

Aletta Elizabeth
1881 -

Johannes Jacobus Frederik
1882 -

Barend Hendrik Johannes

Barend Jacobus Johannes
c1893 -

Children of Jacobus Frederik Booyens and Magdalena Petronella du Plessis

Anna Margaretha Booyens 1849-1910
Born 5 August 1849, Smithfield District 2
Died 13 August 1910, District Vredefort, Farm Schietkop

 x Married 13 April 1868 Kroonstad, OFS
Gert Thomas Marthinus Senekal Born 1842
Born c.a. 1842
Baptised 1 March 1843, Parys, District Vredefort

Maria Catharina Gertruida Booyens 1851-1921
Born 16 September 1851, Smithfield, Orange Free State 3
Baptised 19 February 1852, Smithfield, Orange Free State 4
Died 21 March 1921, Heilbron, Zandfontein farm

 x Married Kroonstad
Theodorus Cornelius Senekal

Magdalena Petronella Booyens 1853-1923
Born 4 August 1853 5
Baptised 8 January 1854, Smithfield 6
Died 1923

 x Married
Frans Frederick Prinsloo Barnard

Jacoba Frederika Booyens Born 1855
Born 29 August 1855

 x Married Before 1876
Christoffel Jacobus Smit

Daniel Jan Andries Booyens 1857-1910
Born 11 December 1857, Cape Colony
Baptised 11 July 1858, Smithfield, OFS Republic
Died 21 September 1910, Paardevlei, Heilbron, OVS

 x Married 12 March 1877 Heilbron, OFS
Christina Elizabeth Magdalena Jordaan 1859-1921

Hesther Isabella Booyens Born 1859
Born 7 April 1859 7
Baptised 10 December 1859, Smithfield, OFS Republic 8

 x Married
Christoffel Jacobus Smith Died 1897
Died 1897

Jacobus Andreas Booyens 1861-1925
Born 16 April 1861, Smithfield Distrcit, OFS Republic
Baptised 8 September 1861, Smithfield, OFS Republic
Died 17 May 1925, Goedgedacht 132, District Bethal

 x Married (1) 11 July 1881 Heilbron, OFS
Aletta Johanna Roets Circa 1873-1915
 x Married (2) 11 July 1881 Heilbron, OFS
Maria Magdalena Terblanche 1882-1945

Elisabetta Hendrina Booyens 1863-1878
Born 2 December 1863
Baptised 27 March 1864, Smithfield, OFS Republic
Died 1878

 x Married
Matthys Johannes Britz Died 1901
Died 1901

Petrus Jacobus Booyens 1866-1898
Born 7 October 1866
Baptised 6 January 1867, Bloemfontein
Died 21 March 1898, Koppie Alleen, Heilbron

 x Married
Jacoba Catharina Roets

Willem Jacobus Booyens 1869-1937
Born 19 January 1869, Parys, District Vredefort
Died 3 June 1937, Welverdiend Plaas, Heilbron

 x Married Potchefstroom
Maria Cornelia Louisa Marais

Johanna Jacomina Booyens 1870-1903
Born 8 October 1870
Died 12 January 1903, Weltevrede Fram, Heilbron

 x Married 14 June 1892 Parys 9
Gerhardus Harmse

Benjamin Johannes Booyens Born 1878
Born 25 January 1878

Children of Jacobus Frederik Booyens and Aletta Elizabeth Otto

Anna Jacoba Booyens Born Circa 1880
Born Circa 1880

 x Married 16 May 1899 Heilbron, OFS
Salomon Terblans van Wyk Born Circa 1878
Born Circa 1878

Aletta Elizabeth Booyens 1881-1899
Born 19 May 1881
Baptised 19 July 1881, Heilbron, OFS
Died 7 October 1899

 x Married 7 February 1899 Heilbron, OFS
Frederik Gerhardus Bernardus van Wyk Born Circa 1877
Born Circa 1877

Johannes Jacobus Frederik Booyens 1882-1960
Born 21 August 1882, Lindequesdrift, District Heilbron, OVS
Baptised 17 November 1882, Parys
Died 10 August 1960, Petrus Steyn, distrik Lindley, O.V.S.

 x Married 4 April 1904 Heilbron, OFS
Catharina Susara Scheepers 1882-1966
Born 8 October 1882
Died 10 August 1966, Petrus Steyn, distrik Lindley, O.V.S.

Barend Hendrik Johannes Booyens Born 1886
Born 8 June 1886 11
Baptised 1 August 1886, Parys 12

Barend Jacobus Johannes Booyens Circa 1893-1955
Born Circa 18 April 1893, Rietspruit, Transvaal
Died 18 February 1955, Vereeniging

 x Married Ventersburg
Aletta Elizabeth Pretorius

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