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Susanna Catharina van den Berg

Born Circa 1842 1


The first time we meet Susanna is at her first marriage is to the cattle rancher Matthys Stephanus Booyens in Bloemfontein on 18 April 1859. She is just 17 years old and he is 71. She is 12 years younger than Matthys' youngest child from his first marriage. Matthys dies some twelve years later on 3 November 1871, leaving Susanna with six minor children; the oldest being just 11 years and the youngest barely two weeks old. Susanna marries again on 21 December 1874; this time to the 62 year old Gideon Philippus Jacobus van Zyl, widower on the farm Fontainebleau in the Ladybrand district. She eventually gives Gideon four children up until 1886, when she is approximately 44 years old.

Married 18 April 1859 at Bloemfontein, Free State Republic 2

Matthys Stephanus Booyens Died 1871
Cattle Rancher, Klipfontein farm, Bloemfontein district, Free State Republic 3

Jan Christoffel Stephanus

Barend Matthys Johannes
1861 -

Elsje Maria Susanna
1864 -

Susanna Catharina Aletta

Francois Petrus
1867 -

Gerrit Petrus Johannes

Children of Susanna Catharina van den Berg and Matthys Stephanus Booyens

Jan Christoffel Stephanus Booyens Born 1860
Born 29 March 1860
Baptised 24 June 1860, Bloemfontein

 x Married 26 March 1889 Ladybrand
Aletta Elizabeth Lategan Born Circa 1863

Barend Matthys Johannes Booyens 1861-1948
Born 27 May 1861
Baptised 27 July 1861, Bloemfontein
Died 1948
Buried Senekal, OFS

 x Married 19 March 1889 Ladybrand
Johanna Ethresia Wessels 1872-1921

Elsje Maria Susanna Booyens 1864-1871
Born 5 March 1864 4
Baptised 2 April 1864, Bloemfontein 5
Died Before 1871

Susanna Catharina Aletta Booyens Born 1865
Born 28 November 1865 6
Baptised 7 January 1866, Bloemfontein 7

 x Married 3 December 1895 Ladybrand
Cornelis Johannes de Swardt Born Circa 1864
Born Circa 1864

Francois Petrus Booyens 1867-1947
Born 28 November 1867
Baptised 1 March 1868, Bloemfontein
Died 11 July 1947, Ladybrand

 x Married 17 December 1895 Ladybrand
Anna Cornelia Stroebel Born Circa 1860

Gerrit Petrus Johannes Booyens Born 1871
Born 20 October 1871 8
Baptised 18 February 1872, Bloemfontein 9

Notes: Gert Petrus is the last of the children of Matthys Stephanus and is no less than 58 years younger than his oldest half-brother, Matthys Andries*1813! Beyond his baptism, we only know that he fought in the Anglo-Boer War and was listed as being from the Ladybrand District. He was made Prisoner of War at Paardeberg on 27 February 1900. After that, we lose track of Gert.

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