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Johannes Bezuidenhout

of Zwarteberg Wyk in the Graaff-Reinet "Colonie" 1
Baptised 24 December 1775, Cape Town 2
Died 4 October 1848, Frans Weits Pan [legibility problem], Cape Colony 3


The son of Cornelis Bezuidenhout and Catharina Oosthuysen, as per Johannes' own death notice.

The Graaff-Reinet Muster Roll of 1812 [#1] gives them as living in the Zwarteberg district. This is before the massive Graaff-Reinet "Colonie" is subdivided. On this roll, Magdalena's first names are missing and she is given as purely "Booijzen", which is an erroneous spelling and confuses the family with a completely different family really called Booijzen. This entry also confirms the name of his father as being Cornelis Bezuidenhout, because his name is entered as Johannes Bezuidenhout Corn'.z

The 1824 Muster Roll of the Beaufort (west) district also distinctly records Johannes Bezuidenhout Corns Son & Magdalena Geertruida Booyens [#2].


In SAG he, as identified by his Booyens wife, is listed under "Ongekoppeldes", that is, individuals whose location in the Bezuidenhout genealogy is unclear. Yet his own death notice, which gives the name of Magdalena Geertruida Booyens as his wife, shows that his parents were Cornelis Bezuidenhout and Catharina Oosthuysen. The death notice states his age at death on 4 October 1848 as being precisely 71 years, three months, and 23 days. This calculates to a date of birth of 11 June 1777, which is exactly [too exactly?] the date given in the "ongekoppeldes" entry in SAG.

In the body of the SAG genealogy for Bezuidenhout, the Cornelis Bezuidenhout x Catharina Oosthuizen couple is shown as indeed having a son named Johannes, but he is given as born 11.7.1775, baptised 25.12.1775 and married on 20.1.1793 to Maria Christina Coertze. SAG also lists several children for this Bezuidenthout x Coertze couple and this list of children simply does not match that on the death notice of the Johannes Bezuidenhout who married Magdalena Geertruida Booyens.

This author's exeperience is that individuals or their spouses in this time period seldom knew their own dates of birth or baptism to any degree of useful accuracy. The fact that the SAG entry has a date of birth matching exactly the reverse calculation from the death notice only raises the suspicion that the SAG entry is based on that calculation and does not come from an independent source. A more reliable process is to trust the identification of parents given on the death notice, but to trust the baptism books for the dates of birth and the baptism date.

We have found the baptism of the Johannes that was the child of Cornelis Bezuidenhout x Catharina Oosthuizen. It was on 24 December 1775 in Cape Town and recorded no date of birth. We hereby effectively consider the Johannes Bezuidenhout x Maria Christina Coertze couple and their children as being the actual "ongekoppelde" family. It also means that the birth/baptism information for the particular Johannes who marries Coertze is hereby unknown.


For the references, see below#

Married 15 February 1801 at Cape Town 4

Magdalena Geertruida Booyens
of Zwarteberg Wyk in the Graaff-Reinet "Colonie" 5

Wynand Carel
b. c1808

Children of Johannes Bezuidenhout and Magdalena Geertruida Booyens

Wynand Carel Bezuidenhout Born Circa 1808
Born Circa 1808

 x Married 24 April 1829 Beaufort-Wes 6
Anna Catharina Susanna Booyens 1813-1884
of Beaufort District 7
Born 25 January 1813, Antjesfontein, Swartberg 8
Baptised 1 August 1813, Graaff-Reinet 9
Died 4 May 1884, Tweefontein, Transvaal 10

# References for the NOTES of Johannes Bezuidenhout

#1 Cape archives, Graaff-Reinet Muster Roll CTA 1812, p.3 entry 35, LINK (image 3)

#2. Cape Archives, Beaufort West Muster Rolls 1824, p.5 entry 28, LINK (image 8)

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