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Maria Susanna Jacoba Stander

Born 10 November 1835 1
Baptised 17 April 1836, George, Cape 2
Died 19 April 1920, Rietvlei, Dysselsdorp, District Oudsthoorn 3


Maria is the eighth child of Barend Jacobus Stander and Anna Sophia Frederica de Swardt. While Heese's genealogical treatise on South African genealogy omits her name, she is indeed baptised at George in the NG church on 17 April 1836.

She marries Pieter Johannes Ernst Booyens as first husband and they have three children. The first, a daughter named Anna Sophia for Maria's mother, dies young, but they have another daughter and a son. Pieter dies in very early 1897 and "Miem", as she is known, remarries later that year to a second cousin of Pieter by the name of Barend Matthys Booyens. Barend is a widower, but most of his children are mature. Miem must make an impact on her stepchildren, because they actually name some of their children after her. This is a rare phenomenon indeed.

Around 1897 her daughter's husband buys the farm Venterskloof along with Miem's new husband. Two generations and three different branches of the greater Booyens family now live on that farm, nestled inside the Great Swartberg range.

Despite the fact that her second (and now only) daughter is the first of her two children to marry in 1893, it is in fact the wife of her only son, Petrus Johannes, who produces the first granddaughter to be given Maria's name in 1899. Maria attends that baptism. As per the custom, with the arrival of Petrus eldest daughter bearing the distinctive triple name of "Maria Susanna Jacoba", Miem duly becomes "Groot Miem Venterskloof".

In 1904 Barend Matthys dies and Miem signs the two death notices. And then she simply disappears from all records....

After eight years of searching and excellent help from other genealogists, her much later 1920 death notice has finally been discovered. We find out that she dies not on Venterskloof, but at Rietvley in the care of her only son, Petrus Johannes, who signs the death notice. Since the family farm Olyvenhoutskloof is right outside Dysselsdorp, we conclude the fact that the death notice is submitted at Dysselsdorp and signed by her only son, Pieter Johannes, implies that she died on Olyvenhoutskloof, part of the greater "Rietvlei".

Married (1) 21 May 1855 at George 4

Peter Johannes Ernst Booyens1824-1897
Crop Farmer and Carpenter, Rietvlei, District Oudtshoorn 5

Anna Sophia Aletta

Petrus Johannes
1871 -

Sophia Aletta Fredrika Jacoba
1874 -

Married (2) 28 December 1897 at Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa 7

Barend Matthys Booyens1831-1904

Children of Maria Susanna Jacoba Stander and Peter Johannes Ernst Booyens

Anna Sophia Aletta Booyens Born 1862
Born 26 March 1862, Oudtshoorn district 6

Notes: This young lady appears to have died young, before confirmation in the Oudtshoorn NG Church. By implication, she did not attain the age of 17. Her name also does not appear on her father's death notice [MOOC 6/9/362 ref. 597 Booyyens, Petrus Johannes. Death Notice]

Petrus Johannes Booyens 1871-1953
Born 6 September 1871
Baptised 10 October 1871, Oudtshoorn
Died 5 December 1953, Calitzdorp

 x Married (1) 4 January 1898 Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa
Elizabeth Petronella Wilhelmina Snyman 1878-1911
of Olijvenhoutskloof in the district of Oudtshoorn
 x Married (2) 18 October 1911 Oudtshoorn magistrate's court by special licence
Elizabeth Petronella Wilhelmina Snyman 1881-1948

Sophia Aletta Fredrika Jacoba Booyens 1874-1941
Born 31 December 1874
Baptised Oudtshoorn
Died 1941, Orange Free State

 x Married 14 March 1893 Oudtshoorn
Johannes Hendrik Booyens 1855-1937
Ostrich farmer, Venterskloof, Klaarstroom (July 1909)

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