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Mattheus Booyens
Died Circa 1816

Anna Gouws
Died 1843

Pieter Johannes Booyens
Died 1832

Sophia Aletta Jacoba Fredrika Snyman
Died 1849

Willem Jacobus Booyens

Born 1829, Rietvlei, Oudtshoorn 1
Died 28 December 1913, Ficksburg, OFS 2


We know very little about this gentleman. He is born on Rietvley farm outside De Rust, and marries Susanna Petronella Wyers in Oudtshoorn. She is the widow of Willem Jacobus Snyman. We know the couple moves to Ficksburg at some point after 1873, because an entry next to her 1 September 1854 confirmation in the Oudtshoorn Dutch Reformed Church shows that Susanna seeks attestation in that year [#1] from that church to allow her transfer to the Ficksburg parish. In fact, the move takes place after Christmas 1874, because their eldest child is still confirmed in the Oudtshoorn Church on that Christmas day.

When their 17 year old daughter Susanna Petronella dies in the Free State on 6 January 1878 [#2], the death notice states emphatically that she leaves no children, nor any brothers and sisters; only her parents.

Susanna dies in 1895, and Willem remarries in 1897 to Cornelia Christina Visagie, the widow of Johan Peter Carl von Maltitz. The marriage is childless.

Willem's 1913 death notice states that he has outlived not just all of his siblings, but also all of his own children. The same document states that none of his children has left any issue. In fact, his first wife's death notice shows that no children survived her. More particularly, his daughter Susanna Petronella's death notice states that she leaves no children and no brothers or sisters in 1878. Ths line of the Booyens family ceases to exist with the death of Willem Jacobus himself.

For the references, see below#

Married (1) 15 January 1855 at Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa 3

Susanna Petronella Weyers1823-1895

Petronella Wilhelmina
1857 -

Pieter Johannes
1858 -

Susanna Petronella
1860 -

Willem Jacobus
1862 -

Married (2) Circa 11 May 1897 at Johannesburg 16

Cornelia Christina Visagie1846-1933

No children are born from this marriage

Children of Willem Jacobus Booyens and Susanna Petronella Weyers

Petronella Wilhelmina Booyens 1857-1878
Born 4 August 1857 4
Baptised Oudtshoorn 5
Died Before 6 January 1878 6

Pieter Johannes Booyens 1858-1878
Born 14 June 1858 7
Baptised Oudtshoorn 8
Died Before 6 January 1878 9

Susanna Petronella Booyens 1860-1878
Born 26 February 1860 10
Baptised Oudtshoorn 11
Died 6 January 1878, Winburg District, Farm Molopposigt 12

 x Married
Ernst Philippus Blignaut

Willem Jacobus Booyens 1862-1878
Born 27 July 1862 13
Baptised Oudtshoorn 14
Died Before 6 January 1878 15

Children of Willem Jacobus Booyens and Cornelia Christina Visagie

No children are born from this marriage Booyens

# References for the NOTES of Willem Jacobus Booyens

#1. Membership Book of the Oudtshoorn Dutch Reformed Church Parish: OUDTSHOORN TOT LEDEMATEN DEZER GEMEENTE IS AANGENOMEN OP DEN 1 SEPTEMBER 1854 DOOR DEN WELEERW. T. J. VAN DER RIET Susanna Petronella WEYERS, *25 Mei 1823 (Weduwee Willem Snyman - Certifikaat naar Ficksburg 23 Dec 73)

#2. Free State Archives VAB MHG ref. B453: LINK

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