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Claude Marais

of Drakenstein
Vintner, on the farms Le Plessis Marle, Welvanpas, Meerrust and Lekkerwyn
Born 1663, Plessis Marle, France 1
Died 1732 2


Charles Marais arrives at Saldanha Bay on the ship Voorschoten on 13 April 1688 from Delfshaven, having departed that Dutch harbour on 31 December 1787. His family includes his wife, Catharine Taboureux, his sons Claude (24), Charles (19), and Isaac (10); and daughter Marie (6) [#1]. They complete their travel to the Cape on the ship Jupiter. Father Charles is murdered on his farm Le Plessis Marle by a khoekhoe tribesman on 3 April 1689 [#2]. The distribution list for the Batavian Fund contains a note that reads: "De Oude Charl MARAIS blykt hier wel aanghekomen te zyn, doch in het jaar daarop (1689) is hy overleden op zyne plaats ten gevolge van wonden bekommen in een aanval ophem door een zvarte gedaan." The money is thereiupon distributed to the "widow and 4 children" [#3]. Claude thereby becomes the senior Marais at the Cape . Indeed the 1690 Muster Roll at the Cape shows [#4] for the Drakenstein district:

de Wede van Charle Marel } [Catherine Taboureux]

Glaude Marel } compagnons

Carel Marel }

The 1691 Muster Rolls [#5] states:

Glaude Marre en

Charles Marre en moeder

By the time of the 1695 Muster Rolls [#6], the mother has died:

Clood Morijn & Maria Andries } maats [Marie Avice]

Charl Morijn & Anna Drawel } 4 k. [His brother Charles married to Anne Des Ruelles]

For the references, see below#

Married Circa 1691 at Drakenstein 3

Marie Avicé Died 1731

1692 -

Children of Claude Marais and Marie Avicé

Maria Marais 1692-1766
Born 1692
Died 1 May 1766, Drakenstein

 x Married 26 December 1734 Drakenstein
Pieter Booyens Died 1777
Regional Councillor, Farmer, and Militia officer, Drakenstein
of Drakenstein

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