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Pieter Booyens
Died 1777

Geertruida Blom
Circa 1701- Circa 1730

Barent Booyens
Died Circa 1801

Elizabeth Catharina Strydom
Died 1814

Barend Booyens

of the Swartruggens region of the Graaff-Reinet "Colonie"
Stock Farmer
Baptised 19 September 1755, Drakenstein 1
Died 4 July 1840, Swanepoelspoort, Swartruggens, Cape Colony 2


In 1798 we find Barend living with his father and mother in the Graaff-Reinet Colonie [#1].His brother Matthys is listed as having his own loan farm. They are all called Booizen.

We find Barend on the 1812 Opgaaf of the Graaf-Reinet "Colonie" [#2]. He is living in the Zwarteberg District, which is the southern limit of the Graaff-Reinet "Colonie", around what is today Prince Albert, and somewhat to the east. His entry is immediately following that of his brother Petrus Johannes. He is listed as "Barend Boijens BdsZ". Removed from him by a single other entry, is his mother Elisabeth Catharina Strydom (now 89), listed as "De Weduwe Barend Boijens". One concludes they are all at the same place, of which the name appears to be Hagas. While brother Petrus is married to Maria Magdalena Breitenbach, Barend is still a bachelor. He has 21 "Hottentots" on the farm, thirteen of whom are children. He owns two horses, 18 draught oxen, 40 head of breeding cattle, 380 sheep and 28 goats.

When the 1813 Graaff-Reinet Opgaaf is done he is still in the Zwartruggens [#3] and lists 17 Hottentots and one male slave, while his ordinary property is a horse & cart, one wagon & with 16 draught oxen, 30 breeding cattle, and 310 sheep. His mother, still alive at 90 years of age and apparently living with him, lists seven slaves and no other property. There is no clarity on what 17 Hottentots and 8 slaves would be doing on a farm with so little property.

By the time of the 1822 Graaff-Reinet Opgaaf/Census [#4], he is living in the Swartruggens wyk with his new wife, Jacomina Hendrina van Jaarsveld, three sons and 2 daughters. Jacomina is the widow of Gert Scheepers. Gert had five children by his first wife and another five by Jacomina, two of the latter group of children being daughters. We therefore assume the children on the farm are Jacomina's five own natural children. The earlier daughters from Gert's first marriage are already all married, as evidenced by Gert Scheepers' estate documentation [#5].

The 1836 Graaff-Reinet Opgaaf lists him as still in the Swartruggens, but that he is "superannuated and poor" [#6].

For the references, see below#

Married 2 February 1823 at Graaff-Reinet 3

Jacomina Hendrina van Jaarsveld1785-1872

No children were born from this marriage

Children of Barend Booyens and Jacomina Hendrina van Jaarsveld

No children were born from this marriage Booyens

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